Vegetarian Southwest Stuffed Peppers

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Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 40 mins Total Time 1 hr
Servings: 8
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Clean and prepare all of your vegetables. Cook your black beans in a small pot until they are warm. Set aside.

  2. Cut the top off the peppers and remove the seeds and pith from the inside.

  3. Lightly sprinkle the peppers with kosher salt.

  4. Place the peppers in a microwave dish, add 1/4-1/2 cup of water and cover in plastic wrap.

  5. Microwave the peppers for 5 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap. Remove the peppers from the microwaveable dish.

  6. Cook the brown rice per the package instructions.

  7. Set the stovetop on medium-high heat.

  8. Add 1 tbsp of olive oil. Add the onions and cook for about 30 seconds.

  9. Add the garlic and cook until it smells fragrant.

  10. Add the corn, mix it with the onions and garlic and continue cooking for 1 minute.

  11. Add the black beans and mix with the other ingredients and continue cooking for about 1 minute.

  12. Add the spinach and mix with the ingredients and cook for about 1 minute or until the spinach is no longer raw.

  13. Add the cumin, chili powder, kosher salt and pepper. Taste and add additional seasoning if needed.

  14. Add the diced tomatoes and mix with the other ingredients. Cook for about 30 seconds.

  15. Add the brown rice and mix with the other ingredients.

  16. Taste and add additional seasoning if needed.

  17. Add the rice mix to each pepper.

  18. Add cheese. (optional)

  19. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake the peppers in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly.

  20. Add additional salt, pepper and garnish if needed.

  21. Add the cilantro for garnish.

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